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July / August / September 2014

Hey folks! I’ve got a few cool live things coming up all around the place in August and beyond. I thought it’d be best to do a big post on here so that it’s all in one easy spot. Here we go.

JULY 24 – 27: SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS, BYRON BAY. First of all, I’ll be doing little bits of stand-up at various times during Splendour in the Grass with heaps of awesome comics, so if you’re there and there’s no bands on that you wanna see – pop into the forum tent and say hi!

AUGUST 2: LITTLE DUM DUM CLUB 200th EPISODE, MELBOURNE. We’ve almost recorded two hundred episodes of our thoroughly silly podcast; so we’re having a big live party to celebrate! If you’ve been to any of our live recordings you’ll know that they’re always crazy fun with big name guests making complete idiots of themselves. Plus it’s a Saturday night, so who knows what we’ll be getting up to afterwards? Book HERE.

AUGUST 12: DICKHEADAPALOOZA, ADELAIDE. We’re taking The Little Dum Dum Club to Adelaide for the first time! Karl and I are both doing an hour of stand-up (I’ll be recording mine for a new CD!) and then doing a live podcast with some special mates that we’re bringing over from Melbourne with us. If you’re in Adelaide, don’t miss this; it’ll be a super fun night followed by (I presume) a late night bakery binge! Book HERE.

AUGUST 27: PIPSQUEAK, MELBOURNE. I’m recording my stand-up show Pipsqueak for something that I’ll hopefully have more information about later. But for now, I need you to come and see it! If you’ve missed it before, or want to see it again, I’m doing two shows in one night at 6pm and 8pm, at Five Boroughs in Melbourne. Tickets are free; just e-mail me (at) with which time and how many tickets you want. Bring some big laughers with you! No promises, but this may well be the last time I do this show in Melbourne so it’d be great to have lots of folks there.

SEPTEMBER 17 – OCTOBER 4: FRINGE FESTIVAL, MELBOURNE. I’m doing a new show for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. I’m in the middle of writing it. It’s not stand-up, and there are other very funny people in it. For now, I’ll tell you that it’s called ‘Con Air 2: Con Voyage.’ Yep. I’ll have more information about that soon.

SEPTEMBER TBC: DICKHEADAPALOOZA, PERTH: Same as the Adelaide shows: we’re going to come to Perth and do a podcast and stand-up. We’re organising it now and we’ll be announcing it soon.

So, that’s some cool stuff that I’m doing and very much looking forward to.

For those that have asked, we’re also right in the middle of filming the second season of Cheap Lunch, so there’ll be more videos of me stuffing my face with fatty foods very soon.

In the meantime, you can find the first season at: and also my two podcasts: and are both free and a lot of fun.

Thanks mates!


You Beauty!


I’ve started a new podcast with my buddy Sam Gray, it’s called ‘You Beauty!’
I know nothing about sports and Sam knows basically everything so he’s teaching me. We’ve done three episodes so far, covering the tennis, NFL and Sochi. You can find us on iTunes by clicking here or direct download and stream through Podbean:

If you like the show, maybe leave us a nice iTunes review. Thanks!