I spend a lot of my free time planning, recording and editing my podcast with Karl Chandler called ‘The Little Dum Dum Club’, which you may or may not have listened to. I’ve also been lucky enough to be invited on to some great podcasts that friends of mine do. I thought I’d put together a little quick guide to my other podcast appearances. If you haven’t listened to any of these shows before, you should definitely check them all out!


I Love Green Guide Letters.

Steele Saunders has been hosting this awesome show for just over a year now, and he always gets top notch guests. If you don’t know what the Green Guide is, don’t worry about it, you’ll work it out pretty quickly. I’ve been on a few times now, the most recent was with Adam Richards, and it was a tonne of fun.

Go listen here.


Walking The Room

Karl and I met Dave Anthony last year when he was in Melbourne for the Comedy Festival. He came on our show and was really funny, so when we were in LA at the end of the year, we hit him up to come and be a guest on our live episode. We went out for beers afterwards, and at about 3 in the morning he asked us if we wanted to come and be a guest on his super popular Walking The Room the next day, which may have only been because he was drunk, but nevertheless, we had a great time. We talked in depth about getting kicked out of the studio that we used to record The Little Dum Dum Club, which I don’t think we’ve really gone into anywhere else, so if you’re curious to hear that story, check this episode out.

Go listen here.


Totally Laime

A couple of years ago, The Little Dum Dum Club competed in The Earwolf Challenge – a reality show/ podcasting competition run by American podcasting network Earwolf. We ended up finishing second in the competition, being beaten by the LA-based Totally Laime, a chat show hosted by married couple Elizabeth Laime and Andy Rosen. When we ended up in LA a few months later, Elizabeth and Andy invited us to come be on their show. It was a great chat, they are lovely people and their show is definitely worth checking out.

Go listen here.


The Earwolf Challenge

Speaking of The Earwolf Challenge, Karl & I were in almost every episode. It’s worth going back and listening to, because we did a bunch of stuff on there that never ended up on The Little Dum Dum Club. Plus, it’s hosted by Matt Besser, and judged by other awesome Friends Of The Show like Paul F. Tompkins, Marc Maron and Scott Aukerman.

Go listen here.


Can You Take This Photo Please? 

Justin Hamilton hosts this great show where he gets in depth with Australian comics about their careers, so it’s a fascinating listen if that kind of thing is your bag. He’s had huge names like Tom Gleeson, Wil Anderson, Tony Martin and Judith Lucy, and then for some reason he invited me around to be a guest one morning. I talk a little bit about writing my last show ‘Pipsqueak’.

Go listen here. 


The Druce and Hing Podcast

Jack Druce and Michael Hing are two Sydney comics and good buddies of mine. I was in Sydney doing gigs and they asked me to come chat on their show and of course I said yes. I had a great time doing it. We talked a lot about pranks and bullying. Hing has some cracking stories, and I told a story about something I did as a kid that I’m very much ashamed of now, and will probably never repeat anywhere, so this is your only place to hear about it.

Go listen here.


Okay, that’s all of them! Or at least, that’s all of the ones I can remember. Hopefully you find some new shows to listen to, or at the very least, don’t get driven slowly insane by the grating sound of my girly voice.

Seeya, mates!