Two weeks ago, I chanced upon a show that changed my life. I can’t quite recall what lead me to The Downstairs Lounge on March 24 – perhaps it was fate or divine intervention. Nonetheless, I spent an hour in the company of one of (possibly the) most talented and handsome men I have ever come across. The name of that man was, and continues to be, Tommy Dassalo.

In ‘Little Golden Dassalo’, Tommy has created a work that is not only hilarious and relatable, but also a landmark achievement in the art form of stand-up comedy. This show is like when Dylan went electric, but for comedy performed by balding men.

I enjoyed this show so much that I have been back every single night and it just keeps getting better. Sure, others in the Festival are playing to bigger houses and receiving more industry plaudits for their work. But those of us in the know know the truth: there is only one true practitioner of comedy in this Comedy Festival, and his name is Tommy Dassalo.

Word on the street has it that at the conclusion of this season, Dassalo will return to the heavens from whence he came, having now completed his mission on earth – to deliver the world’s greatest comedy show. So book fast!!!

Tommy: if you’re reading this, and I pray that you are because I so badly want you to like me, here’s a quote for the poster: “Objectively speaking, this is the best comedy show of all time. There is no opinion here, just a solid fact. ”

100 stars.